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Local slang used to describe Brampton, Ontario, due to the overwhelming number of East Indian residents. It used to be a very white, well-to-do area, until waves of Indian immigrants flooded the humble city. It still is quite a rich area, with many beautiful sights to see, but the Indian influence has really brought the place down. Most of the Pakis live in the new housing complexes being built on the outskirts in communities such a Castlemore, Bramalea, etc., while the white folks mostly reside in the older centre of Brampton. In fact, most Caucasian residents are fleeing, and are perhaps finding comfort in the arms of neighbouring (racist) towns, such as Georgetown, Orangeville, and Caledon.
"Holy shit, did you see Sarah's yearbook? All of the kids are pakis!"

"Well, that's what happens when you live in Bramistan!"
by Betty January 08, 2005
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