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A rather stunningly gorgeous blonde-haired creature often surrounded by "extra special" friends.
The Bramber can be spotted at night lurking around the skectchy streets of Barrhaven no more than a few inches away from the passing vehicles, and occasionally directly in front of them. With so many surrounding metal predators, the Bramber's only hope for survival is its best friend the Spwecial Swammy. The Special Swammy often saves the Bramber from passing traffic as well as from other dangerous

The Bramber is always a hit with the boys, and usually has quite a few drooling on her. Brambers choose their mates carefully, and often make them work for their affection.
Brambers are all over beautiful, talented, incredible creatures that make other females jealous and make boys stop dead in their tracks.
"Spweciaaal, Sammy, went to the pawk one daaaay,"
*Bramber gets hit by a bus.*
*Spwecial Swammy glues the Bramber back together oh so carefully*.
by Nalastock January 02, 2011
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