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The most complicated relationship known to man in which a foster brother and an unbiologically related foster sister are in love but can't date because she wants to be adopted so she and her biological brother can have a forever family, but then she and her forbidden foster lover will be siblings, and loving your real sibling is socially unacceptable, but then it eventually turns out that her father still wants her, and he has a bratty daughter who loves her too and won't sign the abandonment papers to let her be adopted, and it turns out that her biological brother isn't even her whole brother, it's her half brother, and then he gets adopted by the forever family and she doesn't, so she's just living with that guy she is forbidden to see because that's her family who can't legally adopt her, and then her sister threatens to commit suicide and causes a car accident then the foster brother (the one at the beginning who loves the foster sister) joins a band and sings a love song that he originally wrote for the foster sister and then decides to date the lead singer of the band and then wants to go on tour, and when the foster sister asks him about it he declares how he will always have feelings for the foster sister, but it's just too hard.
They're not together? They're perfect for each other.
Nah, they're Brallie.
by merecury January 19, 2015
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