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When you just cant remember something that you know you knew hours or days ago.
what the hell was i supposed to remember to do today? what was his/her name , i spent all night that that person too.. damn brain lock
by zzchamp March 30, 2011
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When you drink and think at the same time and you repeat the same word over and over until you remember what you were talking about.
person 1: I was at the bar the other day and and and and and oh yea and i finally took a shot of tequila without throwing it back up.

person 2: wow. brainlock?

person 1: Dont judge me.
by jawbreakers and skittles October 07, 2010
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"We want to believe something b/c it fits with the other ideas we believe; all the people we know believe it too, and the people who believe the opposite are loathsome."
Jess: Ass means you're being a bitch and that's all it means.
Lucia: You're so right.
Pancho: Yeah, you're so smart.
Rose: Naw, you all are dumb asf. It means multiple things; as in, butt, donkey, etc.

Jess: No, we're right and you're wrong, mainly because Pancho and Lucia agree with me. So ass only means being a bitch.

Rose: You guys are so "brain lock."
by Brain Lock February 27, 2017
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