A beautiful modern name given to only the most gorgeous children! People with this name are incredibly intelligent and better then everyone else around them in every way!
You will never be in the same league as a Braelynn.
by Jdimps February 3, 2010
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Braelynn is a VERY unique name and is only given to the ones who a awesome and caring. Braelynn is the weirdest girl ever and can make your day a lot better. Braelynn is annoying and crazy, she is always determined and will never give up. She loves EVERYONE for no reason at all even if they are mean to her she will love them. She has a kind heart and doesn’t pay attention to what other people say if they say anything mean. She will never give up and always thinks positive and never negative. She will make you happy all the time. If you ever meet a girl named Braelynn don’t give up the chance because not a lot of people have this unique name, and because you will always want someone nice to go to for help or just to talk about any random stuff. Braelynn will always make you laugh and will check in on you even if she knows your ok. You can always trust her on anything. If you need advise or help or just someone you can always depend on Braelynn. If Braelynn sees anybody lonely she will go to them and cheer them up, she wants everyone to have company and be happy and wants everyone to have fun. She can be loud, quiet, crazy, or calm. She will donate anything if she has something she loves giving to others.
Braelynn likes to have fun and won’t sit around bored she will find anything to do to intertain herself
by Hi wassup wazza November 6, 2019
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Really extremely fruity. Likes emo things kinda concerning but I love her anyway. Loves true crime, like me :) has pet rats and overall a best friend everybody needs. If you find one like her, take her to olive garden and get her a bug juice.
``I give BRAELYNN a 10 outta 10.``🦐
by Mesmerize<3 December 27, 2022
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She is smart,pretty,and caring she is very funny the girl that can cheer you up the girl that can help there is a problem she is a loving caring girl she will be famous one day and will become rich .
She is the boss. Braelynne is Beautiful
by Caring person July 19, 2018
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Is a very slow person. She eats slow,takes a shower slow, and does everything slow. She thinks she is the boss of everyone. She thinks she rules the world. If seen call her SAM=Slow As Malasis. P.S. that is her nickname.
Time :10:36 am
Joe: where is Braelynne or should I say sam?
Ally: I don't know she might be still taking a bath from last night or eating dinner.
by Deersheer04 November 28, 2016
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A beautiful unique intelligant human being who loves smores and is the smartest and prettiest person in the world. No one can compare to a Braelynn Simone Fisher
Look there is a Braelynn Simone Fisher, she looks beautiful
by brae brae798 September 4, 2011
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