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The most amazing and gorgeous guy in the whole entire universe. he's gorgeous beyond your wildest imaginations and in more than one way. He is brilliant, talented, smart, kind, sweet, understanding, wonderful, wise and he has the gift of loving and making you smile each and every day of your life. His name is Brady and his love and care flows like a waterfall. Thus his name is BradyFlow. If you ever come across a BradyFlow, show him that you love him by handcrafting him a beaded locket (suitable for guys) which reads "you make my life complete, happy and sunny". Each bead must also have a musical note on it to denote his passion for music. BradyFlows are very rare to find so place him on a pedestal and hold him dear to your heart.
Girl 1: "did you see that lovely bradyFlow... i think i'm in love"
Girl 2: "quick quick, you better make him a beaded locket to show him you care... quick... chop chop hurry hurry you turtle" :)
by 2609bradyflowluv June 18, 2010
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