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An extremely intellegent human. Known for knowing what others don't. A person who is usually right, or at least thinks so.
"I never realized how correct you are. You must be a Brabb."
by Eurotis March 30, 2008
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A Brabbs is someone who values familial relationships and stays close with parents, children, and siblings, no matter the distance between them, via such medium as telephony, email and/or texting. Though a Brabbs reportedly may sometimes be short-tempered and/or not fully on board with another Brabbs' behavior at a given time, such times are rarely displayed in the presence of non-family members, and are quickly forgotten by all involved parties upon cessation of incident. A Brabbs is someone who is funny, smart, takes care of others, shows appreciation and support for others, is adaptable to almost all situations, appreciates and spends time in the outdoors, and doesn't laugh at organic food.
Everyone should know a Brabbs. Brabbs are good people.
by BrabbsFan December 31, 2011
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