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One who stuffs their bra with tissues, napkins, socks or other items to make their breasts appear larger.
Katlin stuffed her bra to make it look like she had bigger boobs

"Did you hear about Ashley stuffing her bra just so they look like Double D's?"

"Her boobs are bigger today, she stuffs her bra"

"I hate that cheerleader, she is such a bra stuffer"
by Dominique Cheeks August 09, 2008
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A girl who stuffs her bra with tissues faker then her. She does this to get guys she will never have.
Guy 1- Woah look at Beccas boobs
Guy 2- NO! They're fake. She's a bra stuffer.
Guy 2- (reaches in Becca's shirt and get tissue) here you go!!
Guy 1-Way to get me hard for nothing Becca!
Guy 3- Thanks but no thanks ,becca's black nipple touched this so no way. I'd rather lick the snot out of a dinosaurs butthole then use that tissue.
Guy 2- True dat brah. Lets go to pantry and get some condoms so we can fuck girl's with huge titties.
Guy 1- YAAAAY!
Becca- I'm gonna go sit in my bed and cry.
by Rafat October 12, 2011
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