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Noun (Proper): A girl that steps on life. Rediculously sexy. Famed writer of the Kama Sutra. Rumored to have killed off the Khanate. Worships the color pink. If you encounter Bozhena, and you frown upon the female gender, avoid dark corners and/or poorly lit hallways. Rediculously sexy. She strikes at night. Puppetmaster of the male gender, and any and all debates (debates with Bozhena are not meant for the faint-hearted). In adddition, incredibly awesome. There is no ctrl button on Bozhena's laptop. Bozhena is always in control. Also, rediculously sexy.

Noun (Common): Anyone you wholeheartedly admire, or anyone you beleive is the pinnacle of man/womankind.
"Bozhena ate that dude alive in the courtroom"

"Omg, you are sucha Bozhena"
by Cubansauce February 05, 2009
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