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When a young man (aka. indie rocker who would otherwise be standing with his hands in his pockets or tapping his foot lightly while doing a slight head bob) puts his arms around his significant other and then stands with his legs apart as if to ward off wild wolves (but actually to "lay claim" * to his significant other).

*Note: The use of the "boyfriend protector" is a phallocentric gesture.
Bif: "Jeez, look at that mo-fo putting tha boyfriend protector on his lady."

Gordo: "Ugh. I hope he dies."
by Anse Bundren October 02, 2009
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Boyfriend Protector (BP)- A man who without instruction takes it upon himself to make sure any girl stays faithful when their current boyfriend isn't in the local vicinity. This man takes no pleasure in this, he sees it as his duty! He believes strongly in faithfulness and is averse to fun. He has no feelings for the said girl, he only looks out for the faraway boyfriend.
I was dancing with this girl in a harmless manner and then this boyfriend protector came over and warned me away because she was attached.
by greenskill June 06, 2014
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