A "Boyfriend Girl" is a girl who can't seem to avoid having a boyfriend at all times. As soon as she's out one relationship, she's in another. The Boyfriend Girl is hardly ever single. This girl often uses boys to fill in the emptiness she feels inside, or to avoid getting to know/understand herself and learn who she is. This girl usually has low self esteem and doesn't see the good inside herself unless a boy (usually the current boyfriend or prospect) notices it.

Like the "Career Girl" who is addicted to success in her job, the "Boyfriend Girl" is addicted to having a boyfriend.

This girl usually overestimates the time she is single, often making flimsy excuses as to why it was necessary to enter a new relationship so early.

Usually, quickly after entering a new relationship, the Boyfriend Girl publically displays proof of her relationship by changing her status as "in a relationship" and/or posting "Myspace Style" photo(s) of herself and the new boyfriend making out.

Most boys who come in contact with the boyfriend girl are prospective boyfriends. Essentially, the Boyfriend Girl is a slut without the sexual acts.
Boyfriend Girl : I can't believe this! Josh dumped me! I'll never love again!

*two days later*

Boyfriend Girl : Hey, you guys, this is Mark, we're going out.
by Yuckie Chuckie March 21, 2011
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also called a pseudo-girl/boy friend

a close friend of the opposite sex that you spend a lot of time with and talk to often much the same as you would with a girl/boyfriend, though they never will become your girl/boyfriend due to factors such as, but not limited to: age difference, the other person being in a relationship, the other person living too far away, fear of ruining the friendship etc.

You will often to "date-like" things with them, such as: go to dinner and a movie, take them to a party to introduce them to your friends, or have them meet your parents. though you will never do other "date-like" things, such as: hold hands while walking, get/give a kiss goodnight, have them to a big family function like Christmas dinner etc.

can be a cause of grief and jealousy if one of the friends is in a relationship and their girl/boyfriend feels threatened by the surrogate friend.

NOT to be mistaken for a friend with benefits, there are no sexual conotations on a surrogate friend.
Bob: i feel so bad for Tim, he really likes Sharon but she's been with her boyfriend for 8 months now, so Tim really has no chance

Bill: i know eh, they go to movies almost once a week, and Tim always pays. And they went on that camping trip on the long weekend. If someone didnt know better, they'd think Tim and Sharon were going out

Bob: Tim only wishes that was the case. Poor guy is hung up on her bad. Sharon is like his surrogate girlfriend

*having a surrogate girl/boyfriend sucks
by pb foot May 17, 2010
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A girl who makes the girlfriend jealous for no reason
Why doesn't he just marry her?!
She's your boyfriends best girl friend calm down!
by Iluvthiswebsite January 17, 2015
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