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A distortion of the truth or flat out lie usually told by a boyfriend to keep the self esteem of the girlfriend or other chick friend unreasonably high.
Chet: No baby I love how high pitched your laugh is, it reminds me of how feminine you are.

Elizabeth: Awe thank you honey I love how good you make me feel.

(later that day)

Chet: Oh my god Billy have you heard how high pitched and annoying Elizabeth's laugh is.

Billy: Yeah dude its really bad, but what did you say when she asked.

Chet: Oh I just gave a boyfriend answer.
by MCP72390 December 13, 2009
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A boyfriend answer usually consists of bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit. The "boyfriend" will try to get in the girls pants and when he does this successfully, will dump her without getting married or making a real committment causing her to feel like waste. he'll also abuse her physically and psychologically similar to a slave and leave her on the side of the road to be hit by passing COWS. After he is through he'll continue in his search for more unsuspecting victims....
boyfriend; do you love me?

girlfriend; of course I feel like I've known you forever......

boyfriend; do want to spend forever with me?

girlfriend; of course my love

the following day; boyfriend answer; fuck it chuck it
by YouSuckkatLife December 17, 2009
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