A suburb 14km east of Melbourne's CBD, known for the huge number of Asian people residing there.
People frequently play 'Spot the Aussie' there.
by anonygoat November 25, 2010
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A. a small community in Harford County. For some, it is a small "ghetto" like atmosphere where drugs, sex, and violence, is for some unknown reason, plentiful. For people who live in the community, we think nothing of it, because we know we do not live in baltimore, and do not treat anything like it. But for everyone else in the county, the assume its "hard". the only real fact is that half of the Bel Air High School population seems to be in the community at any time , any day.

B. Harford County's source of drugs
guy 1 : hey where can i get drugs?

guy 2: lets go to box hill
by Dack March 10, 2005
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the stomach fat that old ladies tuck into their pants above their vagina hoping that no one will notice
that lady's got major box hill
by karisma27 August 10, 2006
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