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'Bousie Sloozie' is short for 'bourgeoisie sloozie' (short version is pronounced: "boozy sloozy").

'Bourgeoisie' is used, typically in communist or socialist rhetoric, to refer to those who are better off, or the 'haves' (as opposed to the 'have-nots' -- i.e. 'the proletariat'). The bourgeoisie benefit from the capitalist economy, so they are heavily biased in favor of the prevailing system.

'Sloozie' is a combination of 'slut' and the old school 'floozie'.
A 'bousie sloozie' is someone who is a slut-floozie* for capitalism. This does not just mean sex for money or cultural capital, although that might apply. More often, such a person kisses major ass - indiscriminately - to climb socially in the class hierarchy.

*the difference is only in connotation and the fact that it's more fun to say. Floozie is not taken as seriously, and therefore cuts down slightly on the more negative connotations that can accompany 'slut' as used by the pigs who slut shame people who are just trying to be a little free.
"Chris Christie proved he is such a bousie sloozie by selling out for Trump."
"Who cares? She's a total bousie sloozie. All she cares about is class status."
by @daveSaidNEVER June 13, 2016
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