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A cougar that lives in a bog. Relatively the same size as the Battle Cat from Masters of Universe. Submerges its entire body in mud in order to ambush its prey. Typically ridden by a mummy.
I was walking through a bog and a mummy rose out of the mud riding a Bougar, like one of those jet ski riders from Waterworld.
by Mummy Electrician January 25, 2009
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a Bougar is a cross between a cougar and a bear. This animal shall inherit the earth and shall be known as: Badathes Assathes. Obviously Latin for Bad ass.
Kid1-This kid i know crossed a lion and a tiger together!
Kid2-Really, because thats fuckin lame.
kid1-yeah well i want to see you come up with a better one!
kid2-I made a bougar with a bear and a cougar and it kicks your little crime against natures ass.
by Dr.Montawesomestein September 13, 2007
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n. - The breasts of a cougar. Particularly in the context of being markedly visible in order to attract younger males or being seemingly enhanced by a pushup bra or low cut blouse.
Dude, check out those Bougars!
by kinghorsey January 05, 2009
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