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An ancient warrior queen of the Iceni, a Celtic tribe in Britain during the time of Emperor Nero. When her husband died, the Romans ignored his will, which stated that his daughters and Rome were to rule his kingdom jointly; Boudica was flogged while her daughters were raped. Infuriated, Boudica rallied her people and neighboring tribes in a violent campaign against Roman occupation.
Boudica's people sacked many Roman forts, including London and Colchester, slaughtering their inhabitants and sending the survivors running... until Suetonius regrouped his army in the Midlands and defeated the indigenous army. Boudica poisoned herself to avoid capture.
Boudica, refusing to let her Roman attackers wrong not only herself and her daughters but their people, showed the Roman Empire that women could kick ass as well as any man.
by Lorelili January 23, 2011
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First known case of simultaneous lesbianism and feminism simultaneously....
Boudica was a warrior queen of britons...
by titikakkaka October 15, 2009
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