When you suck balls at a video game. If you're bottom fragging, you're at the bottom of the score board.
James: Wow, Justynn sure is bottom fragging today.
Cait: Yeah, like every day.
by xxmemedanklord420xx July 3, 2017
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When your in Ukrane and putin comes into your house and puts a frag grenade in ur grandmas asshole.
Hey did you see Putin leaving our Grandmas house yesterday?
Yea, he bottom fragged her! Now she has a colostomy bag.
by imthegrandma March 5, 2022
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Having the lowest kills, or frag on a team.
a) Bro, you are bottom fragging
by Riku935 June 10, 2020
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bottom fragging is a very common activity in valorant, bottom fragging is usually the 2 last players on the leader board. usually the 2 main victims are "pocket sages" and "duelists who don't entry the site"
u are so bad reyna stop bottom fragging
by ur radiant coach :) January 21, 2022
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