The unpleasant sputtering sounds created by a bottle that has nearly emptied its contents.
*bottle fart* "Are you kidding me?"


"You just used up the last of my K-Y, motherf***er!"
by Austin H. June 17, 2008
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Skeptical reference to renewable energy sources such as biofuels, wind, and solar-electric. So-called because of the perceived naiveté of renewable energy proponents.
Spain is going bankrupt attempting to replace oil and gas with bottled unicorn farts.
by Marcellus_vrw June 24, 2010
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When a person farts, then uses a bottle-like container to suck up the fart and seal it for a later use. Usually to unleash the stench into somebody's face.
"Dude, I've been saving this fart bottle for 3 hours now, waiting for David"
by The Mink August 10, 2006
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When you repeatedly squeeze the bottle to get some extra sauce out, creating farting noises. This is actually an effective way to get an extra squeeze out of your bottle.
Person 1 - Crap! The sauce bottle's out.
Person 2 - Nothing a quick little bottle fart won't fix.
by arvinthsiva January 7, 2022
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