A beverage popular in Southeast Michigan made with sweet ginger ale and vanilla ice cream. Made popular at drive ins during the 50s, still very popular today.
Give me a Boston Cooler with my onion rings.
by swamphawk22 February 4, 2011
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A sexual act where one fill a girl's mouth with ice cubes and stands over her face, bobbing up and down thereby continuously dipping their scrotum in and out of her mouth while masturbating. This constant cold teabagging leads to a huge load being blown on her face. Bonus points if you can get steam to come out of her mouth from the cumshot hitting the ice. Afterwards her mouth will be so numb, she will not be able to speak coherently.
"um, waitress....can i have the Boston Cooler please?
by JtotheJ June 29, 2006
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