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Boshumping is often occured after being caught Bosquelching in someone's backyard. Boshumping is when someone who has previously been caught Bosquelching is taking a big meaty shump in somones backyard. Failure to complete such task results in diareah exploding in someone's panties when least expected. Though we know that won't happen because your a good boy. Lol. Have u ever wondered why Drake stopped rapping, I mean he had some good talent but he threw it away. Now he's garbage. This is often referred to as, "Drake sucks" Though I often like to think of it as Aposturealiosistofient.
Tim - "oh come on john, again? You were just Bosquelching in my backyard last week."
John - " sorry tim, I just can't resist"
Tim - "well bud, you know the drill. Come on now."
John - "AHHHHHH" *moans in agony from enormous shump*

Boshump - the act of shumping in someones backyard after being caught bosquelching
by burrito.swae July 14, 2017
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