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Bosconians who study in Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati. They posses the good qualities of a real gentleman. These boys varies, some are cool and most of them are intelligent. Most of them are practical and have practiced real life things applying what theyve learn in that school. Most of them are handsome and easy to be with, they party like there's no tomorrow.
BOSCONIANS(n, mabait, sympatiko)
by Meriam Webster G2G November 20, 2010
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Most Ass-kicking game made by Namco in 1981. Fight Russians in outer space and blow up their hexagonal green space stations. Best opening soundtrack ever in video game history.
Man my eyes are so fucking red, I just beat the first 250 levels of Bosconian.

The polyphonic beeps of Bosconian haunt my dreams...
by LordNocturne December 04, 2007
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