Boschy is a smart person who excels in various fields such as math and science. If you are lucky enough to meet a Boschy, you should get on your knees in front of them and begin to worship them as some kind of god. Often, a Boschy can be seen fighting other Boschy's for a piece of bread, apples and in desperate times, dirt. Boschy's are often quite small and are black in colour. They live in trees and sleep in trees as well. They are often seen making noises like "eh" and can get quite loud by doing this
Damo: "I went for a maccas run earlier this arvo and saw two Boschy's fighting over a slug.
Hamo: "Mean as bro"
by pen_fifteen November 12, 2019
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Honestly one of the best ships I ever seen its pretty sweet and cute and I love it when I see lumity and boschi hanging out together
Lumi x Boschi the sweetest ship ever
by Rainer_nobody February 21, 2021
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