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Taken and conjoined using the Spanish word "borracho/borracha" (drunk male/female) and the English word "ratchet." It's when a friend has been consistently buzzed and still insists on pouring themselves another drank while ratchetly stating that they will have another drink against all other desires.
Aril, Blakley, Patty and Ricardo are already hammered and they still keep concocting drinks for each other... them fools borratchet.
by PattyBakes420 October 20, 2013
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(adj.) When a ghetto person, commonly of Latin descent, gets too drunk and starts acting agressive and violent. The term is a combination of "Borracha", a spanish word meaning "Drunk"; and "Ratchet", a slang term used to describe an uncivilized or otherwise unruly person.
"Yo that nigga Gordo was acting Borratchet like a motherfucker at my party the other night!!'

"Word? What the fuck happen?"

"Thats just it, NOTHING!! He gets a little alcohol in him and wants to start some shit with every motherfucker in sight!"

"Damn son, thats that shit I DON'T like.."
by Wiles McGiles January 13, 2014
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