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Is a life of any party. You hold the key to other's joy while you reflect onto your own mood based on other. You are the fall back friend to other's unhappiness. While you also cheer them up to turn that face upside down. Your a fighter that never says never. Your the perfect friend regardless of how bad things may seem. Through thick and thin you learn to forgive and forget. So that is how you share your love through your self by others and bully a bully back. That is the ideal image of a hero and tend to score one for the team. While scarcaszium is your best friend to.
Friend 1: Wow Bormes, you made and Emo happy?

Bormes: Yeah, they also stopped cutting to.

Friend 1: Wanna go out?

Bormes: Hmmm..... I am thinking What the Hell?!

Friend 1: So no?!

Bormes: No dip shit! That is an Oh Hell Yes!

Friend 1: Pick you up at 8 bye.

Bormes: Bye MOFO!
by luvnkissesforever01 February 01, 2011
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