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A Lonely stroll a boring walk an uneventful amble complete waste of time.
I walked back to her place and didn't get so much as a kiss. She wanted to talk only. what a Boredwalk that was.
by Erman Housein September 26, 2009
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the decision to remove HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" from one's DVR and/or viewing schedule due to boredom, frustration or indifference

v. Boredwalking
1. the act of removing the series from your DVR
2. the act of discussing how underwhelmed you are with the show
I lost track of how many episodes I've seen of "Boardwalk Empire," but it's been a long time since I've been interested, so it's time for a Boredwalk.
by scatterfan November 01, 2010
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