that feeling you get when for some dumb fucking reason you decided to come to school today.
by Veers OG March 9, 2021
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ok then ima tell you the story of hallownest. a long long time ago in a world of bugs, a enormous creature called a wyrm died. but this death was more like a transformation, cause from inside the wyrm, a bug emerged. he had the ability to grant minds to the savage bugs, making them conscious like us. they treated the wyrm like a god, many would call him the pale king. however as the pale kings kingdom known as hallownest expanded, they found that they weren't the only sentient bugs. to the east, they found a lush green area rules by a being known as unn. unn had created its own kingdom, but has grown weaker over time, and the pale king took his kingdom with ease, and made it part of a path to the heart of his kingdom, called greenpath. just below greenpath was the fungal wastes, inhabited by the mushrooms and mantises. the mushrooms had a shared mind, and accepted the pale king, deeming his abilities(such a foresight) a shield from the dangers of the future. the mantises weren't as receptive to pale king, but struck a deal with hallownest. in exchange for their independence, the amntises would keep the beasts of deepnest just west of them at bay. to the north of hallownest was a tribe of moths who worshipped a being known as the radiance. the moths would bask in the radiances light, but when the pale king came along, they decided to bask in the pale kings light instead, completely forgeting about the radiance and leaving her to die. to be continued...
by Xan1235 October 20, 2021
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A class in Jr high, high school, or college that is boring af and that you want to get out of.
I hate being stuck in a boring class.
by boaz274 October 4, 2017
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