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A commonly used term in New Zealand to describe the viscosity of ones excrement following a heavy drinking session.

It can also be described as liquid poo.
"Man I had bad Booze Poos this morning, It was like I was pissing out my ass."
by Daniel see. October 17, 2008
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Similar to the hangover shits, but it rhymes. The slippery painful excrement after a long night of drinking. One of the worst feelings is when you wake up after a long night of drinking and you have that pain in your lower abdomen and you know it's coming.

Trademark: Kt_Tonsils
I woke up the next morning, after a long night of drinking, and had the worst booze poos
by Kt_Tonsils January 10, 2017
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Similar to a Hangover, Booze Poos is a bi-prouduct of a heavy nights drinking. <sung to the tunes of Blues Clues> "Not Quite Booze and not quite poos, booze poos, booze poos".....
One should also note the slimey texture as its slides/slithers down the side of your toilet bowl...
"Dude, I just had the mad booze poos this morning <insert catchy booze poos jingle>"
by wokboy July 31, 2006
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