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A booty whap is when IV drug users (particularly methamphetamine users) break off the metal portion of a syringe, stick the needle in their anus, and disperse the contents into their rectum. (The mucus membrane of the anus absorbs faster than that of the nasal passage.)

Users, normally called tweakers choose to “booty whap” out of necessity or sometimes for fun. Necessity: Sometimes needle users cannot find a vain at which point the needle will have become clogged with blood, in order to not waste the hit of dope they will proceed to inject the bloody solution in their anus. For Fun: Sometimes while on a drug binge many users become fascinated with the feeling of something in their anus and just “booty whap” for fun.

It is not uncommon to see a “booty whapper” doing a handstand after an injection in order not to let the drug dosage drip out of their rectum. Although if it does drip out they, or someone near to them, will normally just slurp it up.

Tweakers are most known for “booty whapping” and a certain segment of tweaker girls will do nothing but “booty whap” dope. This leaves their anal cavity very raw and sometimes destroyed beyond repair. It is normally very hard for them to keep the solution in their rectum and will need the assistance of another to lick it off the floor or to plug it up and keep it in.

“Booty whapping” is known to produce a very intense quick high, most similar to that of a straight IV injection.
"I just booty whapped 80 units and I’m on a hot one, someone get me my ass lube."

"I can’t find a vain, fuck it I’ll just take a booty whap"

"Leave her alone, she’s not a gymnast, she just took a booty whap."

"I’m sick of sticking myself like a pin cushion, I’m gonna just booty whap it."

"Be careful this booty whap might burn real good"
by miamidboy August 18, 2011
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