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Original term has evolved to mean a homosexual male with a thuggish appearance or personality.
He talking all that gangsta sh*t in the street but errybody know he a booty goon.
by Frictionmaker November 15, 2015
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A booty goon is man that loves women's asses and will do anything in the pursuit of that fine treasure.
She thought she had finally met a nice guy but it turned out he was just a booty goon.
by evilboy September 25, 2014
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Noun: someone who enjoys eating ass
Verb form: bootygooning

It is used in a similar way as thot.
Ex. 1 Roberto is such a bootygoon for Alex
Ex. 2. Stop bootygooning off in Walmart please.

Ex. 3 Billy needs to stop being a bootygoon.
by thememe_disorder June 13, 2018
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