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1. A term of contempt applied to someone who believes the notion that every success they ever had in life was due to their own efforts and initiative.

a. as in "pulled himself up by his own boot straps".

b. Their success required absolutely no input from anyone else.

c. Nor are they willing to admit that luck or institutionalized privilege had anything to do with their success.

d. Furthermore, others would also be successful if they would just stop being so lazy and just to work hard and succeed, like the bootstrapper did.

e. Usually held by neo-liberals and followers of objectivism.
"He thinks he built that company with his own two hands, without any help and without help from Daddy and his trust fund. What a bootstrapper!"
by doceopterix January 19, 2014
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A dude that look just plain out ridiculous and goofy as hell. To the point of wanting to strap your boots on and give him a swift kick in the ass and ask "What are you thinking wearing those shoes with that shirt?"
Man, I saw this boot strapper walking down the street the other day looking like a straight up choad. I told that boot strappa to get the hell off my streets.
by Boot Strappa September 07, 2011
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1. The lack of style
2. A thief, when it comes to style.
3 Someone who says "ooh, I like those shoes he or she is wearing. Im getting the same pair."
Timmy: Yo, nice kicks John.

John:Eh, they we're until Frankie saw me wear 'em and decided to bootstrap'em.

Timmy: Go figure bro. Always knew Frankie to be a bootstrapper.
by Enzl3y October 14, 2009
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