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Booting, or Booting up - To inject, or "shoot up" drugs i.e. heroin. A slang term that is a variant of "shooting up"
I got kicked out of the coffee shop for "bootin' up" in the bathroom.
by DubDoctor April 09, 2015
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To show aggressive behavior towards someone, usually in response to some form of wrongdoing.
When Keisha saw her man with Tasha at the movies she started bootin up on that hoe.
by Chill Will September 08, 2003
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another word for having sex.
havin sex with a condom on therefor Bootin up.
guy- You down for bootin up?
girl- Aslong as you strapped!
guy- Lets get bootin up!!
by Xxtaxlcusiv954 January 13, 2008
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