1.This means that a person likes wearing boots, such as Uggs on the daily basis.
2. This means that someone is in the mood for wearing boots.
Random girl: "Girl, you've worn Those Uggs all week Long."
Random girls friend "What can I say I'm feeling bootey!"
by R.H.Bootey January 6, 2017
The think that king Julian says in madagascar
"I wanna slap my bootey around", said King Julian.
by Die_In_A_Hole May 28, 2020
reffering to a black woman's "big bootey" or butt, for those who don't understand slang.
Lopedog: Yo, did you see Shawneesha's nig bootey?
Cornbread: BIG NIG BOOTEY HOE!!!
by mcjizzmuffin May 26, 2007