4 definitions by R.H.Bootey

1.This means that a person likes wearing boots, such as Uggs on the daily basis.
2. This means that someone is in the mood for wearing boots.
Random girl: "Girl, you've worn Those Uggs all week Long."
Random girls friend "What can I say I'm feeling bootey!"
by R.H.Bootey January 05, 2017
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Stella is the girl that always optomistic. Even when thing dont go her way She still has a smile on her face. She loves to sing and stays brava even in the face of danger. Soccer is her favorite sport because She is one of the best on the Team.Some guys might want to date her But they should know that she is way out of your league.
Guy "lookin good Stella!!"
by R.H.Bootey January 16, 2017
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She can be shy but has a big heart.When it comes to family she is very protective.Moneca is very good at cooking and baking.She liked to tell put people that she is very close to without expecting anything in return.Over all Moneca is a caring /Ioving person and anyone would be lucky to have her in her life.
Random guy"Thanks for the cake,Moneca you really put your foot in it"
by R.H.Bootey January 16, 2017
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Your crazy friend who everyone thinks is gay.He joked around a lot and can sometimes go to far.Even though you feel like he never shuts up he is very loyal and can keep a secret.
Guy "Hey Ethan are you gay."

Ethan "What the Frickety Frick Frack,No"
by R.H.Bootey January 16, 2017
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