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A word commonly used by people of African-American descent. Bootass has many different meanings and uses, most commonly its is a word used to describe someone or something that is inadequate, broken, displeasing, disgusting, mentally retarded, or weak. Another common use of "bootass" is an interjection that is frequently yelled or screamed down the hallway of a high school to one's friend or foe.
Example 1:
A: Yo nigga, you know Kenna?
B: Ye, whah abou him?
A: His Bref smells like bootass!
Example 2:

A: Yo Trevon! Geh yo ass back heyah!
B: **ape noises**
A: BOOTASS! **continuing monkey noises**
by Edwin Upham Ph.D. February 15, 2018
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a smell worse than booty. a smell worse than ass
ew girl take a shower. you smell like bootass
by glo.gurl March 15, 2016
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A retributive policy based akin to martial law.
We will bomb you. Because our way is bootass.
by Ryan Dawson April 28, 2005
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