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Derived originally from the word boosh (combined also with the meaning behind booboo and friend), a Booshkru is a rare crew of true BooshMasters. A bonafide Booshkru is comprised of 3 or more individuals of said BooshMaster status.

A Booshkru is radically distinctive and without equal. They are mates that are like family. They are a circle of trustworthy friends that truly have your back, and will stand by you no matter what.

A Booshkru is your crew for life. If you're in one, you know it.

Important side note: Booshkru and the adjectives booshie or booshkian are antonyms, and not to be confused. The idea of a Booshkru does not embody any booshie tendencies, in fact, it typically rejects them by nature. Also, presumably most Booshkrus have no booshlr affiliation, despite the fact that the Mighty Boosh is awesome.
Misinformed girl: BOOSHKRU?! That must mean they all like, booshie bitches or booshie ass niggas!

Informed girl: No, quite the opposite actually. Go read and learn about someone or something before you try to hate it. Having a Booshkru is a fabulous thing.

BooshMaster 1: I got pretty smashed last night, thanks for picking my ass up and driving me home; even though I was all the way in East Bumf*ck.

BooshMaster 2: No worries, mate. I'd do anything for my Booshkru.
by Autumn BooshMaster McGarity August 13, 2010
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