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Describes a really hot bird/Guy. Generally a name for someone you are not yet acquainted with. Someone you have just seen across the room, and they're so Buff, that you must go speak to them.
Wow, check out that Nang Boorah over there. She's bare Uber!
by treeman4 November 02, 2009
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Term used by Marines, some sailors, possibly others to express disdain for almost anything. A mixture of Boo and oohRAH.
Dude, did you hear we have to stand guard duty on saturday?
Oh boorah. That really bites.
by fourthrowe July 05, 2007
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term used in the movie Jarhead with Jake Gyllenhall and Jamie Foxx. they say it to confirm things (i think, and to show their enthusiasm for their job. it is purely a military term.
"I love this job," said Jamie Foxx in the movie Jarhead, "Boorah."
by Jake Haden March 06, 2006
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