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A boombus is a sweet ass sex move.
It is when a funnel is sharply jammed into the corn hole of a fat butt. Then jello is placed in the funnel and blasted into the hole with a leave blower. The jello will slip in nicely. For the rest of the day the individual will walk around with the jello inside their hole. Sometimes it is known to seep out into their underwear, sometimes mixed with poo.
If they get hungry, they can just grab a cup and squeeze out a tastey treat. This is known as the Boombus Blast.
Guy 1: Damn, my boombus keeps sloshin' around some gunk is seeping down my ass cheeks.

Guy 2: Shit man, that's ghetto. I'm pretty hungry anyways. Blast that treat.
by Joezeff58 July 06, 2010
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