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book·tard \book-tahrd\ 1 An individual who works at a buy/sell/trade book, music or other media pawn type business, who has a major superiority complex in which they feel their beliefs and standards for incoming and outgoing trends are ALL that is law. These prototypical "hipsters", "trend starters", and "scene-setters" (almost always of the faux variety), often spend their free time in a herd of booktards, at their place of business, or accompanied by the bookmanites at a local art viewing or similar gala only to scoff if only for the sole reason to be derisive. booktards are also often referred to as bookmanites.
Dude! did you see that booktard in there? he made fun of your chucks, and his t-shirt said "I listen to bands that aren't even out yet.", what a douche.
by LevArtation January 31, 2011
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