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-arts magnet high school located in downtown Dallas, TX and consisting of four clusters: music, dance, visual, and "theater"(nothing is really accomplished in this cluster except very rarely).

-safe haven to weirdos, specifically emo children sporting mullets and striped extensions; you are free to be whomever you would like to be in this place, and everyone will sadly accept you as you are

-where norah jones and erykah badu are the reasons for living

-place lacking any kind of sports knowledge and/or skill, yet for some reason has a "coach"

-home of many druggies, and where druggies receive recognition for their art(which is generally done when high as a kite)

-one of the few locations in the world where you can be an average looking guy but get a very hot girlfriend
-yo man, did you see that person walkin' down da street da otha day?
-ihh, yea! dat fool look like she from Booker T. Washington High School wit dat EMO SHIT!


-DAMN! that biotch can DANCE!
-i know, right? dat gurr BETTA GET IT wit dat Booker T. Washington High School STYLE!


-YO, dat boy ova thurr has no ballin' skillz!
-yeaa...i heard he went to Booker T. Washington High School. cut the playa some slack, ya feel?
by Flying Pegasus January 20, 2008
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