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Flung or Wiped Boogers that elicit blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed whilst trying to find peace in an afternoon dump.
• An overwhelming, advancing collection of boogers (sometimes in shapes of constellations or flung randomly against the bathroom wall, obviously while seated and most likely defecating) that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path

• A booger or nose goblin which, rather than being deposited using a wiping or smearing method, is flung into air-space to land haphazardly on an adjacent wall. Could also pertain to boogers that have been deposited in the shape of a constellation, so as to infer a “space-like situation”, although in this case used in the plural “boogernauts”.
“What we have here on this bathroom wall, gentlemen, is a Boogernaut. Clearly we can’t stop the perpetrator, as he/she is too deeply devoted to the holy nose goblin.”

“WTF? Did you see all the boogernauts in our bathroom? Somebody working here is a f**king Patrick Stewart wannabe madman.”
by roundown July 20, 2009
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