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Often mistaken for an actual boner, yet in actuality is quite different. Bonzars are often raised by certain circumstances that normally would not affect a boner. However, like a boner, a bonzar can also be affected by attractive women... or men.
John: "Hey, the weather is nice today!"

Mike: "Yea man! In fact, it is kinda giving me a bonzar."

John: "I am getting such a bonzar from this weather."
by Metallifreak77 April 13, 2010
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1.When someone is overly excited
2.When someone is taking the piss out of you

Derived from the words boner and zara
1. Zara: ' i got a D in my chemistry test :D! BONZAR!
2. Person A : I jus gt a text! yay!
Person B: Wow, thas amazing(sarcasm). Bonzar.
by Abbas November 26, 2006
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