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A HUGE internet prank. some people stated it by posting fake petitions on websites talking about an invention called "bonsai cats" where supposadly young kittens are put in too-small glass jars so they would grow into the shape of the jar. the petitions include a link to a very elaborate fake website, which includes a place to order bonsai cat supplys (FAKE), a disscusion board (the people are FAKE), and pictures (the pics are fake, they never show a completed bonsai cat)
bonsai cats have fooled tons of people, don't be ashamed if you are a victim.
what do do if you were fooled by Bonsai Cats (and you're embarassed):
1)look it up on google
2)check out the website, the clues are all over the place
3)think of the people who crated it (you'll feel less pathetic)
4)it doesn't make you an idiot, the FBI (or something really big) had to investigate it just to prove it was wrong
5)think about who you heard it from: they were fooled too!

but the website DOES have this hella funny link to it that says "I CUBED MY CAT!"
...but thats fake too...
prankee #1:OMG come check this out! this Bonsai Kitty thing! its so cruel!

prankee #2: WTF???!@!!! we better send them a flaming e-mail and tell all our friends!

former prankee: aww you guyz thats a load of shit, look at this, this, this and this...


pranker #1: dude, we got another email!

Pranker #2: man, these ppl are so pathetic!
by BakeSale May 17, 2006
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The lost ancient eastern art of modifying household pets whereas u shove a cat into a jar and over time it takes that form of the jar.
see also Bonsai Kitty Patrol(BKP)
"My thats a lovely bonsai kitty vase u have in the living room"
by {[BKP]} December 10, 2003
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