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A fictional tribe invented by Richard Dawkins in his book "The God Delusion" to make fun of cultural relativism.
"If I am accused of murder, and prosecuting counsel sternly asks me whether it is true that I was in Chicago on the night of the crime, I cannot get away with a philosophical evasion: 'It depends what you mean by "true".' Nor with an anthropological, relativist plea: 'It is only in your Western scientific sense of "in" that I was in Chicago. The Bongolese have a completely different concept of "in", according to which you are only truly "in" a place if you are an anointed elder entitled to take snuff from the dried scrotum of a goat.'" (Dawkins, R. 2006 "The God Delusion", Bantam Press).
by Jim Alabim June 04, 2011
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