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A person with skills loading, cleaning, and caring for a bong. A person with an understanding of proper bong etiquette. The person who loads and passes the bong in a group session, keeping track of whose hit it is.

The Bongmaster is in charge of rationing the weed for the session, into individual hits for each participant. The Bongmaster is responsible for maintaining the proper order while passing hits to the session participants, so as not to miss or give out double hits to anyone. The Bongmaster has final authority when it comes to order disputes. A Bongmaster is skilled at deep cleaning a bong, as well as collecting any remaining oils or resins.

The term can be gender neutral and pertain to either a man or a woman; or it can be gender specific referring to a male with bong skills, the female counterpart being the Bongmistress.
Jim is an excellent Bongmaster, he makes perfect hits every time, and never misses anyone.
by The Bongmaster January 13, 2015
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