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Bondly is and a try-hard internet celebrity in the General Discussion of GaiaOnline. In this realm of the internet, someone like him is a touch below being a prommie. His claim to fame is his collection of retarded uggodrop threads which are more often than not other members that have pissed him off, rather than those who are actually ugly. Ironically, Bondly is no Adonis himself, for he has a double-chin, and a horse face, complete with a receding gum-line. He also loves to call anyone he dislikes a faggot, despite being an in-the-closet gay. He only reveals his homosexuality online, and never in reality, as was discovered when his bisexual status on his OKCupid account was discovered by one of his gay friends, and a big bolded red lettered thread of angst had been published by Bondly on the forum.

The easiest way to piss off Bondly is to call him a hick and point out his double-chin.
Person 1: Did you see that uggodrop thread? You were in it!
Person 2: Oh, it's just Bondly. I wonder what I said to piss him off.

Person 1: Yea, he just uggodropped all the people who posted the ROFL smilie in that thread where someone said he looked like Spike from The Land Before Time.
by Rudolph Spitler January 27, 2012
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