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A Bond Cave™ is a noetic mindset where an investor is scared out of securities and commodities markets and retreats into fixed-income, bond markets in the belief that the financial world will soon end. Because most fixed-income products take time to mature, those who retreat into a Bond Cave™ are said to be hibernating. A well-stocked Bond Cave™ includes circumstantial talk about accumulating tangible assets like gold, guns, ammo, and may include additional ambitions of establishing a personal fiefdom as a benevolent despot.
Did Mike get knocked out of the market? No, he is hibernating in his Bond Cave™, hiding under a table listening for scary noises and waiting for the sky to fall.


I recommend a conservative position in a Bond Cave™, trusting to fixed-income, wealth management products to weather this economic downturn.
by EricTheOracle July 31, 2009
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