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Bombida was once a native language to central Asia. In 1487, the Bombidians of Asia migrated to western Africa. The speakers of Bombida made a small town there, with a population of approximately 5,200 people. The Bombidians rapidly spread through out areas of Africa and most of them ended up abandoning the language of Bombida. Over the duration of the 1500s, the remaining Bombidians began to die out from poor civilization and lack of proper care. The language has been nearly forgotten, but there is still a small population of 800 speaking it in central Asia. The remains of their established civilization in Western Africa (apprximately 300 people) still speaks Bombidian.The language is very hard to understand and a mere 11 people in the U.S. can actually speak it.
Very few people speak Bombida but to this day, some still do.
by Marianna's Persona March 30, 2009
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