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A rockin' ska punk band(ish) led by Jeff Rosenstock. Members include Jeff Rosenstock, John DeDomenici, Laura Stevenson, Mike Costa, James Lynch, Dave Solomon, Jason Rutcofsky, Jenna Beatty, Sean McCabe, Steve Foote, Sean Qualls, Christine Mackie, Robert Dale Sager II, Jeff Tobias, Corey Landis, Montgomery, Craig Howe, Rick Johnson, Matt Kurz. Many of the members were formerly in the Arrogant Sons of Bitches
by Dan Hamilton June 29, 2008
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A ska musical collective from New York, known for showing up drunk to their shows but still being fucking amazing.
I spent 25 bucks for this BTMI ticket, and Jeff showed up drunk. Fuck BTMI, I hate life.(bomb the music industry!)
by Ghangis24 September 14, 2008
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