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N) 1 a: The sensation one experiences when attiring one’s self, but without underwear (often referred to as going commando,) produced by the testicles sticking to the inside of the upper thigh much like a piece of cold bologna. Bologna balls have been observed in two varieties, wet/sticky, and dry/sticky. b: an adjective, typically a derogatory colloquialism, meant to be offensive.

1. (a) I love living in Florida, but, you always have to remember your underwear or you will develop a wicked case bologna balls.

2. (b) Now that I think about it, shaking hands with Glenn is like getting a big handful of bologna balls.
by Tlahtoani Anubis March 13, 2007
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A term used to describe a person whose simple action shows great courage and/or enthusiasm but lacks follow through or any sort of skill, most often ending in disaster. Much like bologna.
A person tries to jump over a deck chair, hits their shoe on said chair, landing squarly on their collar bone. This would be the time to say: "way to go bologna balls!"
by billy sunday June 08, 2010
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The feeling you get after a night of hardcore slamming.
Joe, "how ya feeling?"

Sam,"I spent the night at my girlfriends and have a case of Bologna Balls"

Joe, "Oh wow, good for you! Want some Ben-Gay for that? I have some back at my desk."
by easy eee January 04, 2010
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