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The act of rubbing one's fully clothed body against another until orgasm is reached. Also known as heavy petting or dry humping.
Kayla gave me an awesome body job last night.
by Stukamel May 07, 2011
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It is a term in erotic (usually animated) that has someone of smaller stature pleasure a penis big as or bigger than his/her by holding onto them and rub against it.

The submissive partner would rub his/her body against the penis' large stature with the partner's naked/clothed body. Licking the head of the gargantuan penis is also allowed in a 'bodyjob'.

A Bodyjob can happen by either a normal-sized person's penis being pleasured by a very small partner or a gargantuan partner being pleasured by a normal-sized person.
"That fairy may have been tiny, but damn, she started rubbing against my cock and licking my head till I was like a...a...a "body job".
by Gentleman ChapNuts April 17, 2013
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